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Equinox Celebrates National Customer Service Week!

4th October 2019 by Alicia Ahmed Customer Service Training

National Customer Service Week (NCSW) is an international celebration of Customer Support! From 7th-11th of October, NCSW is a chance to recognise and appreciate the hard work Support Teams put in every day to provide the best service they can across all businesses and organisations.

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Why we invest in our employees’ IP Law education

13th September 2019 by Cally Anne Sharman Intellectual Property Training

If you walk along the corridors of Equinox by Work AnyWare’s HQ, you will see that the walls are covered with certificates, congratulating our employees on achieving numerous professional qualifications. Not to mention the pictures of proud, smiling faces holding up certificates filling our LinkedIn page. We currently have four certified patent administrators, one trademark administrator, and two team members who have completed the WIPO Academy’s General Course on Intellectual Property.

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2018 Annual Northern Servant Leadership Conference

Servant-Leadership in Practice

26th July 2019 by Ieva Vaiciunaite Servant Leadership Networking

Equinox by Work Anyware founders Charlie Foote and Justin Gallagher were early adopters of the growing business philosophy: Servant-Leadership. In 2017, they established the community interest company NSLC3 with the aim to build a collective of like-minded professionals, and have been hosting annual Servant-Leadership conferences in the North of England ever since.

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