Data Services

Your IP portfolio data, meticulously managed

Equinox's Data Services team offer complete solutions for managing your IP portfolio data, including migration, extraction and cleansing. Improve the quality of your data - securely.

Data migrations

Our team securely and accurately imports your data from any source, directly into your Equinox IPMS account. Popular types of migration include:

Initial onboarding migration:
Transfer your data over from your existing spreadsheets, databases or previous software provider.

Portfolio takeovers:
When you win a new portfolio, import your new data into Equinox IPMS.

Data cleansing

We clean up your data, correcting errors and inaccuracies to ensure consistent formatting of any manually entered fields.

Why use this service?

The benefits depend on what data is being cleansed. For example, an address book clean up will enable your auto-correspondence to run more smoothly. Another benefit is increasing the accuracy of reports.

Common scenarios for using this service:

Before migrating your data across to Equinox IPMS, our team can clean up the formatting ready for import.

Portfolio takeovers:
Ensure your new data is formatted consistently before it's imported into Equinox IPMS.

Routine cleansing:
With multiple users using your software, inconsistent formatting can build up over time. Keep on top of this with regular data cleansing.

New feature activation

For existing clients who upgrade to a new feature, our team is here to transfer your data from the old version.

Data extractions

If you decide to leave Equinox, our Data Services team are here to extract your data ready for your move.

Interested in Data Services?