Equinox IPMS+

Meet the unique needs of your intellectual property team and extensive portfolio, today and beyond.

Equinox IPMS+ is the powerful, fully customisable IP management software for large teams requiring a comprehensive, scalable and robust solution.

Key enterprise features:


On-premise hosting

Tiered SLAs

Bespoke workflow configuration

Exchange server integration

Single-sign on & Azure integration

Secure & reliable.

Manage your extensive portfolio with confidence that your data's safe and your software's available whenever you need it.

With 99.9%+ uptime as a minimum, single-tenant set-up and tiered SLA's to choose from, your requirements are always met.

Bespoke configuration.

Our team works with you to understand every detail behind the management of your IP portfolio and how your team works. We spot key optimisation opportunities and configure your software to maximise efficiency and remove human error.

Your configuration is unique to your team, and we rigorously test it before go-live so you can get going seamlessly. We're agile, continuously testing, assessing and improving your software — your needs are always changing and we're in this for the long term.

Dedicated support.

We have a comprehensive team in place to support you through set-up, go-live and beyond.

From project managers keeping everything on track to workflow specialists optimising how your team use your software, we've got you covered.

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