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Equinox 7

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Here at Equinox, we have been working non-stop throughout 2017 on our biggest system upgrade to date, and we are now extremely excited to announce the release of Equinox 7.

We realise that listening and responding to our users is key to our success, and have therefore been working closely with many of our subscribers to develop and implement a whole host of brand new features designed to increase efficiency and profitability for IP firms of all sizes.

Whether you’re a small start-up company or a large private practice firm over multiple offices, Equinox really is becoming the ‘go to’ product for reducing workload, streamlining business processes and increasing profit margins in the IP industry.

We want to share with you some of the headline features to look out for in Equinox 7.


‘Pre-sets’ are our user-friendly approach to auto-generating important deadlines and running pre-defined internal tasks have helped IP firms track their day to day work with little effort.
'Pre-sets 2.0' encompasses a brand new and incredibly powerful set of tools to further automate your processes and mitigate further against those dangerous errors that can so easily be created when performing manual tasks.
'Pre-set' task ‘components’ allow you to program Equinox to do things automatically for you when specified tasks are marked as complete. From generating outgoing correspondence to adding case charges to running new groups of pre-set tasks, Equinox has you covered.


Managing documents in Equinox has never been easier. The in-built Document Previewer allows for easy viewing of any documents uploaded to Equinox without the need to download anything, saving you time and hard drive space.
When uploading documents, Equinox logs every new addition with its Version Control feature. If a document has been updated but issues have been found with the newer document, Equinox can rollback and allow the user to download an older version. Version 7 also has a History feature which records every edit and update to the document, allowing you to keep track of any modifications.
Documents can also be linked to task deadlines, helping you keep all of your important correspondence right where you need it.


The Address Book has been updated with some new features to save you time and to help you work as efficiently as possible. A powerful new search tool enables quick searching for any contact within the system with just a few key presses.
Equinox's contact hierarchy makes a potentially cluttered address book streamlined and manageable. Easily find locations under an organisation, people under a location, and key contacts on any case.
The new Address Book seamlessly integrates with the new pre-set system allowing organisation specific overrides for certain tasks and deadlines. This allows for further customisation and streamlining of your practices.