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Graduate Scheme

About the Scheme

The Graduate Scheme was introduced in August 2018 as part of the company expansion strategy. The aim was to provide new starters with a clear understanding of the business as a whole and to help identify which areas the graduates would be most suited to work in, before offering a permanent position. We asked our graduates to write a little bit about the graduate scheme to provide new joiners with an insight into what they can expect.

Areas of the Business

It all started with an introduction week, during which we received a schedule for the next few months and got to know all the team members. The following weeks consisted of spending time in each area of the business for roughly a month each. The goal was to get to know the processes of each team, gain an understanding of their day to day tasks and experience how different areas of the business interact with each other.

The first area of the business was Client Services. During our time here, we gained fundamental knowledge of the Equinox Intellectual Property Management System and learned how to give a basic demonstration to potential clients. We learned about the different types of existing clients and the daily jobs involved to support our subscribers. We also gained a fundamental understanding of the intellectual property industry and how professionals in this industry manage their client’s portfolios.

The second area of the business was Migration. In this rotation we discovered the purpose of the Migration Department and familiarised ourselves with the processes involved in data migration. We also got the chance to look at various databases, learned to write SQL queries and import data into Equinox.

The third and final area of the business was Development. In this area we were taught the different stages required to code and release changes in Equinox. We spent time learning various coding languages and even got a chance to make our own website! We also learned a lot about the different requirements intellectual property professionals have for an IP management software.

Graduate Project

In addition to spending time with different teams, we were also given a graduate project to work on, which we would present at the end of the Graduate Scheme. The purpose of the project was to allow us to demonstrate the knowledge and skills we gained while working in each area of the business. The project was broken down in to sections which each of us were responsible for. We worked together to create a final presentation, which outlined our ideas for the business moving forward – and was presented via a website we built ourselves.

The Future

Following the Graduate Scheme all three graduates were offered permanent positions at Work AnyWare and are now enjoying their new roles within the company! Alicia went on to become a Product Support Technician and is enjoying helping our subscribers with any queries they may have. Ollie went on to become a Migration Engineer and is always ready to assist with any data migration, big or small. Ieva is now a Business Developer and is happy to demonstrate Equinox to anyone who is interested.

As a Work AnyWare employee, you're encouraged to be creative. Think way outside the box! We pride ourselves on our ethos and values, taking a ‘servant-leadership’ approach in everything we do. Your voice is heard and your opinion is valued – Every idea is a great idea!

Interview With Our Recruits

What did you like most about the Graduate Scheme?

Ollie: My favourite part of the Graduate Scheme was getting to build my own website. I made a website about my contribution to the Work AnyWare Bake Off. During the development rotation we got a chance to learn about website structures (frameworks, factories, repositories.. etc), databases and front-end design.

Alicia: I really enjoyed the variety of work that the graduate scheme offers. You have a change to see all areas of the business and I never got bored. A lot of jobs have a prescribed role, but the graduate scheme gave me a chance to gain skills in areas I had not explored before and find out what I enjoy doing.

Ieva: My favourite part was learning lots of different things and getting a better understanding of each area of the business. This made it easier to grasp how different teams work together and how my future role would fit in to the overall team.

Which areas did you find challenging?

Ollie: The most challenging part of the graduate scheme was cracking the database in the migration rotation. It often felt as though I was getting nowhere, so persistence was very important. It’s very satisfying when you begin to work out what is going on and the pieces fall into place.

Alicia: For me, the hardest part was learning as much as possible in a short space of time. Although the graduate scheme is quite relaxed, there is a lot of information. I did not come from a coding or law background, so I learnt a lot about intellectual property, web development and MySQL.

Ieva: Although I love learning new things, it was at times challenging to process that much information in such a short amount of time. That said, the team was great at helping out and answering all of my questions.

What is it like working for Work AnyWare?

Ollie: Work AnyWare is a very supportive and fun place to work. There’s always someone willing to help you if you are struggling. And you will always find 3 others willing to play Mario Kart at any time of the day.

Alicia: Everyone at Work AnyWare is really welcoming and relaxed. Because the company is quite small you get to know everyone quite quickly and you can ask for help from anyone - it’s a very supportive atmosphere. We work hard, but there is always time for a game of Mario Kart or table tennis in the afternoon.

Ieva: The atmosphere is very relaxed and the team are trusting. Nobody will stand over you and watch you and tell you how to do your job. I think this type of freedom makes you want to do more and do better. Because it is a small developing company there is a lot of room to take initiative and expand your role, so if there is something you are particularly passionate about you are free to explore it.

Do you have any tips for future graduates?

Ollie: Be enthusiastic about the job and don’t be afraid to ask questions - everyone is very willing to help you. Also don’t be afraid to play some table tennis or Mario Kart if you are struggling with something, sometimes it really helps having a quick ten minute break.

Alicia: I would advise anyone applying to the graduate scheme to show that they have an interest in learning new things outside their current skill set. You need to be self-motivated and willing to problem solve, as in some areas you have freedom to decide what you want to look into further. The more work you put into the graduate scheme, the more you will get out of it!

Ieva: My biggest advice is to not be afraid to share your ideas and take initiative. You will have a lot of opportunities here, so take advantage of it and get involved.

Any Questions? Feel free to email us at recruitment@workanyware.co.uk