IP Portal

Keep your portfolio in line with industry changes

Equinox’s IP Portal is designed to support you with the management of changes in legislation and official fees. The services offered through the portal are available to all Equinox IPMS subscribers — they keep your team and system up-to-date, always.

IP Law & News Notifications

As part of your Equinox IPMS subscription, you will have access to the IP Portal which will notify you of the details of any changes relating to procedure or process at the Official Offices in our monitored jurisdictions, as well as a number of official fee updates. We also provide other services linked to our notification service, which are explained below.

Equinox System Scans

This service works in conjunction with our IP Law & News Notification service. If you sign up to it, our team will carry out an assessment of your system, focusing on pre-set tasks, deadlines and standard templates. We'll highlight any potential configuration work needed to keep your system in line with the legislation changes we've notified you of via the IP Portal. Once you've given your approval, our IP Services team will make the changes for you and you'll be notified in the IP Portal once they've been completed.

Official Fee Management

If you sign up to this service, we can either import our managed list of official fees into your system's charge sheet or we can work from existing charge sheet items in your system. Each time we are notified of a change to an official fee, we will inform you of this and make the update at the required time — so you are always working with the latest fees.

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