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Smart, Powerful And Modern IP Management Software

Equinox puts best in class Enterprise Ready Case Docketing tooling at the tips of your fingers. Built specifically for IP Professionals we have all the tooling you need, be it Nationalising a PCT, Validating an EP or starting a First filing Application - we have the tooling and features to help you every step of the way.

Intuitive, User Friendly Design

Equinox is intuitive and easy to use, with a modern UI meaning minimal training is required to get up and running.

Case Docketing

Mitigate user error and streamline your internal docketing processes with Equinox's automated docketing tools

Case Management

Keep track of all your case data using Equinox’s comprehensive and customisable case management tools

Family Creation

Use Equinox shortcuts to generate cases within a family in just a couple of clicks

Link to Registers

Check case data at over 50 different online registers, all from within Equinox

Batch Case Updating

Manage and update family members and cases in bulk


Leave internal notes for your fellow colleagues

Transaction Logs

View a full history of updates made to every case for a complete picture

Document Management

Utilise Equinox's integrated document management system for easy saving and searching of documents, including our Microsoft Office plugin

Microsoft Office Plug-in

Use our plug-in to save documents to Equinox directly from Outlook and Word

Drag and Drop

Seamlessly drag and drop your documents in to Equinox

Document Notices

Mark important documents for the attention of other colleagues within your firm

Share with Clients

Share important documents with your clients through the client portal

Bulk Download

Bulk download case documents in a couple of clicks for use offline

Document Categories

Use folders to categorise documents and optimise searching

Deadline Generation

Let Equinox perform automatic deadline generation and process automation throughout the lifecycle of your cases, allowing you to spend more time doing the work you should be doing

Deadline Generation

Let Equinox auto-generate deadlines and perform actions across the lifecycle of your cases

Task Components

Configure Equinox to perform actions when certain tasks are set to done

Task Reporting

Use sophisticated task reporting to create custom, personalised task lists

Office Actions

Automatically run Office Action tasks when you receive official correspondence

Template Links

Link documents and correspondence templates to tasks for quick reference

Phone App

Check your upcoming tasks on the move with the Equinox Phone App

Time/Charge Recordal

Automatically add time, service charges and disbursements to cases throughout Equinox as tasks are completed, and let Equinox create your single or monthly invoices for you

Charge Creation

Seamlessly add your billable time and disbursements to cases in Equinox

Case Timer

Utilise the timer functionality to keep track of the time you spend working on various cases

Invoice Production

Generate invoices with Equinox’s powerful invoice production wizard

Links to Accounts

Integrate Equinox with your accounts package to reduce manual work

Aged Analysis

Keep track of paid and part-paid invoices and report on your aged analysis

Finance Reporting

Keep on top of your finances with a whole host of financial reports

Client Portal

Impress existing and prospective clients with their very own modern client portal containing all their portfolio data. Beautifully designed with your clients in mind

World Map View

Present your client with a beautiful world map view of their IP

Custom Reports

Allow your clients to generate and save their own custom reports

Share Documents

Share important documents with your clients via the portal

Account Permissions

Fully configure the permissions for every client account you create

Contact Attorney Tool

Allow your clients to communicate with your attorneys all in one place

Modern Design

Clear user interface so your clients can understand and use the system with ease.

Correspondence Production

Whether it's finalised formal letters, pre-defined e-mail correspondence or official forms, let Equinox automatically generate templates for you

Letter Generation

Generate fully completed letters and e-mails in just a couple of clicks

E-mail Integration

Integrate with other products such as Word, Outlook and Gmail

Date Calculations

Build smart templates that calculate due dates based on your case data

Template Definitions

Define your templates by language, case category and country

Client Specific Templates

Allow the use of bespoke templates for specific clients

Link to Tasks

Link templates to pre-defined tasks to streamline your processes

Reporting Suite

Seamlessly generate reports using Equinox's powerful and easy to use report generator

Report Generator

Generate and save bespoke reports using Equinox’s brilliant report generator

Report Types

Choose from a whole host of report types including case, task, contact and finance

Scheduled Reports

Schedule reports to be sent to clients and colleagues alike

Save Reports

Save standard reports for clients, and give them access via the client portal

System Reports

Quickly generate common reports using Equinox’s standard system reports

Export Settings

Configure your pdf/excel export settings to beautifully brand reports for clients

Contact Management

Easily manage complex correspondence arrangements and client setups with Equinox's extensive Address Book and case contact management tools

Address Book

Easily add and amend contacts in the Equinox Address Book

Contact Searching

Use the ultra-fast contact search tool to locate contacts in seconds

Mailing Lists

Generate mailing lists to maintain great communication with your contacts

Graphical Statistics

View organisation statistics in a host of beautiful graphical displays

Key Contacts

Setup key address contacts to streamline your correspondence processes

Contact Reporting

Use the contact report generator to build various contact reports

Enterprise Features

Equinox has comprehensive Enterprise capabilities, these help larger firms

Single Tenant

Equinox can be run as a single tenant application

On-premise hosting

Run Equinox on your servers in your office

Premium Tiered SLA's

Choose an SLA that meets your requirements

Exchange Server Integration

Equinox can integrate directly with your private Exchange install

Single sign-on

Enable single sign-on for Equinox and link with Azure AD or ADFS

Azure Client Portal Integration

Allow your clients to use Equinox register and use Equinox through AD Azure Accounts